What's NEW? Double Ombre sublimation-ready tumblers just arrived! Stemmed wine glasses ON SALE!

Special Offer - Frosted Glass Tumbers (sub)

Special Offer - Frosted Glass Tumbers (sub)

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These were to come in with a colour shimmer, but it appears that the colouring was left off or did not come through.

  • 16oz frosted glass tumbler
  • Limited quantities - when they are gone they are gone.
  • The finish on them feels like etched glass, but it does not negatively effect the sublimation.
  • Sublimation-ready and the colours turn out great!
    Our sample picture shows the results of a double print and then sublimated.
  • Also known as coke can or beer glass tumblers
  • Comes with a bamboo lid, rigid straw and box. 

These are real bamboo lids. They cannot be treated the same as plastic.  Avoid getting wet for extended periods, allow to dry thoroughly after washing and store your glass without the bamboo lid inserted on top.

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