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Free Shipping Tuesdays by Canada Post

Below please find 10 points to help answer the most common questions we receive about Canada Post's FREE shipping Tuesdays in October.

IMPORTANT: You must purchase your label from Canada Post each Tuesday in October. You cannot save the code and use it on a different day.

You will need the weight and dimension of your package from us to get the most accurate label with no surprise extra fees from Canada Post later.  Please order early to ensure you have given us enough time to process your order. We usually process orders within one day, but if you have in-house or custom items we will require more time. If your order is larger than the maximum allowed for a free label, you will need to pay Canada Post a fee for the extra weight, although the base weight will remain free. 

Follow these easy steps to use your own Canada Post shipping labels during their FREE shipping Tuesdays in October event!

October 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 2023


1.  You first need to be a registered customer of Canada Post. It is easy and free, so no worries!  If you already registered, and have a Canada Post customer number, then skip to the next step.

You can register here to be a Canada Post Solutions for Small Business member.  


2. Ensure that you know the guidelines for using this free offer by Canada Post.  


  • The one free parcel within Canada has a 5kg weight limit. (A second parcel to the USA is also part of the promotion.)
  • You must use the code given by Canada Post on that Tuesday to get free shipping on one parcel within Canada.
  • Use must use the Canada Post Snap Ship tool on their website to create your label.
  • If your parcel is over 5kg you will be charged the fee for the additional weight.
  • Only basic expedited shipping fee is free; other fees, fuel surcharges, tax, etc need to be paid.

More details can be found here.


3. The 5kg limit is based on actual or volumetric weight. You can double check the details on the Canada Post website, but volumetric weight is typically not a large issue.


4. Where to find the code to discount the shipping?

Each Tuesday in October Canada Post will release the code. You get the code from their website and use it during the checkout phase of your label purchase that same day.  You will be required to input credit card information. 


5. We are often asked how to find Snap Ship (the app on their website to create the labels).  
At the top of the Canada Post website, after you have logged in, click on Tools.  Once that page loads, then scroll down and click on Snap Ship.


6. The return address on your label needs to be our address.  Fill in The Blanks Canada, PO Box 594, Truro NS B2N5C7.  You will fill in your address in the "To:" section.


7. For the weights and dimensions information that is needed to complete the label, you already know what to do if you read the important paragraph in italics at the top of this article.  If you did not read that paragraph, tsk tsk LOL  Please scroll up.  :-)  


8. Once your label is completed, please save it as a PDF to your device and email it to us at


9. We do our best to help each client navigate through using the free shipping labels from Canada Post! We work with you to ensure you receive the best benefit available.


10. Please note that we are not responsible for any of your dealings with Canada Post. We are assisting our clients with this feature but we cannot take any responsibility for Canada Post's guidelines, decisions, or rules. Free shipping on Tuesdays for October is an offer from Canada Post that we are making you aware of only.

Keep checking back to this page as we will make notes and updates if any of the information changes or further detail is needed.