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DTF Transfer Prints

DTF Transfer Prints

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Greatly sought-after DTF Prints!
  • Custom printing DTF
  • Have your images ready to go either with the background removed and/or already ganged on a sheet. If you need our assistance, please reach out to us.
  • Images are to be jpg, or png is preferred.  If you send the image with a white background, it will be printed with a white background.
  • Have your images sized
  • Minimum 300 dpi so you receive quality prints
  • Measurement is based on the longest edge.  ie:  if your image is a rectangle and you order a 11" transfer, the longest edge of your transfer will be 11"
  • If you want a specific size printed that is not listed, round up to the next highest measurement for your order. You can then contact us with the exact size you want.
  • SHIPPING may be adjusted dependant upon size and if other products are ordered with these prints. Lettermail maximum is 14" X 10"

What is DTF?  DTF stands for Direct To Film. Is it a process where your design is directly printed onto a special film.   You then transfer the image to clothing that can be of cotton, polyester, or a blend. Colour of the garment does not matter as DTF can use white ink, whereas sublimation cannot.   You will need a heat press to press the DTF print to your clothing article.

What is Gang printing?  To gang print means to place small images onto one page.  For example, on a 11" X 24" print you can place as many images as you wish. As long as it stays withing those measurements, you pay the price shows for that size.