The gorgeous large sized cutting boards for sublimation are fully stocked!

Socks for Sublimation

Socks for Sublimation

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Nice, soft & stretchy!

  • Note: these are not the same Child's sock previously stocked
  • Photo shows ladies size 8 1/2 foot
  • All white - sublimate all over
  • They stretch out - special care not to overstretch on your jig
  • Jig we used was approx 12" long and that left the white elastic at the top untouched (we prefer not to stretch and then heat press the elastic)
  • Instructions are sent with each purchase.
  • We are working on getting a custom jig made!

Our system will only allow you to order what we have in on-hand stock.  If out of stock and you need more, you can Reserve Stock (no obligation have us notify you when your requested amount is in and hold them for 24 hours - only available on first come - first served basis)